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        LIVING FUNERALS        


Michelle Jewels-Parsons:

Heartfelt Funeral Services & Support

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. When someone close to you passes away you can be left feeling overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope. Because of the emotional and difficult nature of death, every culture has customs and traditions that are usually designed to help family and friends work through their grief. Sometimes this is done through funeral arrangements or specific ceremonies to ensure that the Deceased life is honored. Give strong consideration to the use of a private Funeral Celebrant. This will ensure that you are able to meet with the celebrant prior to the service, discuss the service and design the send off that YOU want. 

Unfortunately when my own Father passed away at a relatively younger age (52), I found myself in this position, and as lovely a lady as she was, it was clear and evident to me that she really had little idea about the funny, humorous, fun-loving man my Dad was, and I didn't feel his service truly reflected HIM. His passing was very traumatic for me and my sisters, so it was important that we felt we were saying goodbye to him. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case, and the shock and stress of the day took over, and because I felt 'disconnected' in the service, it took me many years to deal with his sudden and unexpected passing. I really believe much of this could have been avoided if we had met with the Celebrant prior. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control, and the fact the funeral was being held where my dad lived (in Perth WA) this couldn't happen. I remember little of the day. I believe in my heart that my Fathers passing was the catalyst for me becoming the Funeral Celebrant that I am today. My Father passed in 2001.

I can officiate Cremation Services, Burial Services (both Graveside and from Chapel to Graveside), Private Services in Family Homes, Bedside Funerals in Hospices and Hospitals (Living Funerals), Memorial Services and any other Goodbye that you feel will help you deal with the loss of your loved one. 

I understand what a huge decision this is for you. If it were me, I would want to be sure too. Take your time, and if it helps, I am happy to chat with you, no obligation - before you make your decision. 

Irrespective of the Goodbye that you choose, I will work closely with you to enable a beautiful goodbye, and will be very grateful for being entrusted with such a special and life changing event. I take services all around Adelaide, Metropolitan and Country Areas.

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