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Private Clients

End of Life Companion - Private Clients

Michelle is an extremely experienced Funeral Celebrant and End of Life Companion. 

I am on a mission to change the way we talk about and death with death in our community. We haven't traditionally done death very well, and we do it even less well with our children.

I have helped many clients come to terms with the end of their life, and supported and guided them through to death. 

I am blessed to be surrounded by a very supportive community of Death Doulas and Death Walkers (people who specialise in supporting the dying) whom I can recommend, and I have been very fortunate to study under some very knowledgeable people who have spent many years working within the field of death and dying like Sarah Kerr and Zenith Virago. 

My private client program is just that - Private. It is tailored around YOU and what YOU need at the time YOU need it. My program encompasses all you need to know and undertake in order to be prepared for death. We meet physically in person, and you have my complete attention and service in our time together. My program is traditionally one that extends over 6 weeks, or should that time not be available or afforded to you, we can certainly move on in a shorter timeframe meeting more often.

I have a wealth of knowledge of the funeral industry, and have forged some wonderful relationships with people who live their passion within this field. Let me do all the running around and sourcing of information for you. Please take advantage of all of this to allow your transition to be one of peace, joy and memory. 

A Private Client generously offered me this feedback, to allow you all an insight into how they benefitted from the program. 


I’ve found you being my End of Life Companion, makes talking about it less of a taboo, let’s face it-no one likes to talk about it. Death. We all know we are going to die, but none of us address it or talk about it. The past few weeks have allowed me to talk, and organise what I want.

The peace it’s given me knowing I’ve taken care of all the things no one wants to do – I can’t describe. It’s allowed me to talk about it. There is a practical side of death. It’s more comfortable, and I’m a lot less worried about the future after I’m gone. Thanks Michelle. C

I look forward to walking your journey with you. Whether you are ill and have found yourself not knowing where to turn, or perfectly healthy and just wanting to get your life affairs in order, I would be honoured to help. 

Please message me privately for further information on my Private End of Life Companion Package. Michelle